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Hello, I am Belinda. Welcome to newlaunchguru.sg!

I started real estate career in 2013. At that time, the real estate market was in its periodic low after the peak in 2012. I stayed cool and grew up together with the cool market.

Prior to becoming a real estate agent, I was a certified Independent Financial Advisor in PIAS, and manager in HSBC and AXA for couple of years.

I graduated from National University of Singapore with a MBA degree, which broadened my understanding of economic markets and various investment methods.


In these years, I have been involved in many real estate projects. From my experience with many buyers, I noticed that they are often confused with so many projects in the markets and not sure which one to choose. So the purpose of my website is to let you tap on my research and analysis, with the list of my cherry-picked best rated investment properties, I believe you will stand a bigger chance of making a decent profit in the next 5-10 years’ time compared to the rest developments in the market.

Check out how did my clients' property portfolio perform over the years.

You may email at enquiries@mail.newlaunchguru.sg or send me a message.



Her product knowledge sets her apart but it is Belinda's ability to diagnose and decipher each client's needs that creates value. This allows her to co-plan and facilitate sound planning and effect rational execution under any market condition. She's complemented by effective and equally informed associates in the banking and financial planning sectors, essentially rendering her a one-stop resource for home ownership and sound investing. (Kok Wei - Singapore Sports School)

I just bought my first home and can’t thank Belinda enough for all her help! I knew very little about what to look for and didn't understand well of all the regulations in Singapore and Belinda guided me through every step. She made sure I took my time to figure out what I wanted and not rush into something. She always gave her honest and professional opinions about every apartment I looked at and I am so so happy with the final one I chose! I would have no hesitation in recommending belinda to anyone looking to buy or sell property in Singapore. (Ye Zhen - Bank Senior Manager)

Belinda has been a great help in my buying process. She helped me identify my preferences and constraints, and gave me valuable advice on the pros and cons of each apartment. After I settled on the apartment of my choice, she guided me through every step, from getting mortgage to a lawyer. The whole process became simple thanks to Belinda's help. I am very happy to recommend Belinda to anyone who is interested in buying or selling properties in Singapore. (Rongfeng - NUS Assoc Professor)

认识belinda是通过朋友介绍,购房后也将belinda介绍给了其他有需要的朋友。正是由于belinda的好口碑好服务,大家才都十分乐意口口相传,广而告之。belinda不同于其他房产中介,她的服务可以总结为以下三点:1)注重了解客户需求,不同于其他中介按供应房源推荐客户的方式,belinda总是会先询问客户的购房需求,如,自住还是投资等。2)其次,在了解需求后,她会为每个客户定制可供选择的项目楼盘,为每位购房者客制化方案。3)难能可贵的是belinda还会为我这种即使shortlist之后还在为最后的两三个选项举棋不定的客户进行对比分析,找出最优方案,同时还会将心比心做好售后服务工作。综上,我十分认可和感谢belinda,并认为她的服务无愧于房产界role model的称号。未来,如果我身边还有朋友想要购房,我一定会向他/她推荐belinda。(Tina Tao - 银行部门主管)

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